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The Kansas City Chorus thrives because of the women members who give of their talents, dedication, and energy to lead the way.


For a one page look at our 2016 - 2017 Leadership Team Members and organization, click HERE.


Here are a few of the people who make our ensemble work:




   Michelle Hunget


 Michelle started her barbershop career at the age of fifteen, singing Lead in her High School quartet, "A Pinch of Spice," put together by her Clay Center High School music director who happened to be the Manhattan, KS Men's Barbershop Chorus director, too!  She joined the Kansas City Chorus in 1986 after being "discovered" by another KC Chorus Sweet Adeline who happened to attend and cantor at the same Catholic Church!  Michelle has served on the Board of Directors (now the Leadership Team), has been a member of the Music and Choreography teams, Tenor Section Leader, KC Chorus Front Row member and YWIH Chorus Director.  She is a dual chorus member with the Wichita Chorus.  At the Regional level Michelle has sung in four Championship Quartets (Plaza Lights - 1992, 93, 94; Fanfare - 2001; Zing! - 2002, 03, 04, 05; and Heat - 2013), winning a total of nine times.  She served as the Region 5 YWIH Co-Coordinator with her daughter, Mary Duncan.  At the International level, Michelle is a Queen of Harmony winning with the International Championship Quartet, Zing! in 2009 at Nashville, Tennessee.  She has been serving on the Coronet Club Board for several years, and currently sings Tenor with the International Finalist Quartet - HEAT.  She loves to coach quartets and choruses focusing on Showmanship, Expression, and Sound.  Barbershop is more than a hobby - it is a family affair!  Michelle's husband Grant, is also a barbershopper who sings with the CSD Championship Chorus Central Standard, and is a two-time CSD District Championship Quartet Baritone.  Her daughter Mary, has sung with the Region 5 Championship Quartet Legacy, and is now the Baritone of the former International Rising Star Championship Quartet, ClassRing, competing in Las Vegas this fall.  In her "other career" Michelle is a nurse at the Overland Park Regional Medical Center in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.  She loves taking care of the babies who occasionally hear a lullaby or two.


Kris DeWeese


  Kris DeWeese  (2017 - 2019)


Kris DeWeese first became a Sweet Adeline at the ripe old age of thirteen, when she joined the Amarillo, Texas Chapter.  She sang with the Scottsdale Chorus from 1986 - 1990, and during that time won a Gold Medal when Scottsdale won the 1989 International chorus competition in Miami, Florida.  Over the years, Kris has been involved with chorus leadership in the capacity of Membership Committee Chair (two years), and as Co-Assistance Chorus Liaison (ACL) for a year.  Kris joined the Kansas City Chorus in 1998, sings Lead, and now shares possession of a special place on the Risers called the Center Back Row, where she can observe absolutley everything - So watch out !!!  She enjoys spending time with her three grown children, and hopes to see them succeed in whatever their dreams are for the future.  Kris is also looking forward to the new Region 5 affiliation and will do whatever she can to insure that the Kansas City Chorus completes a successful transition, to become a prominent force for harmony in our new region.


KelseyKessler 2 TEAM SECRETARY 
  Kelsey Kessler (2016 - 2018)

Kelsey Kessler was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas, spent part of her life in Oklahoma City, where she earned her degree from Oklahoma City University (OCU) with a double major in Elementary Education and Physical Education.  Kelsey sang in choirs during high school but not during her university years.  At that time she did not feel qualified for any of the well-known music programs at OCU.  Kelsey taught second grade elementary school in Moore, Oklahoma, later starting her family and moving to the Kansas City area near her parents.  She became a stay at home Mom, although most would say she was rarely at home.  Kelsey was always involved in school activities, planning fund raising activities - some of which are still in use Many years later.  She was also a Volunteer, President of the PTO, as well as Board Secretary - must be where she got her start in the "Secretary" business.  Kelsy's "different" introduction to Sweet Adelines was by a now former member of the Kansas City Chorus via both their competitive daughters softball games, and encouragement from her Mom, who recommended she attend a rehearsal.  Glenda and her Carpool kept calling until Kelsey gave in - and the rest is history - or HERstory!  Kelsey joined the chorus in February of 1990, voiced placed by Jo Karut as a BASS - and passed her audition despite a huge case of Nerves!  During her years with the Kansas City Chorus, Kelsey served on the Board of Directors (Leadership Team) several times including Board President for two terms.  Kelsey has also served as Assistance Chorus Liaison (ACL), Secret Sister Chair, and Retreat Chair for several years.  She loves helping to plan the  retreat, and is looking forward to it again in August of 2017.  Kelsey has two daughters, both living in the Kansas City area.  They each have two sons and one daughter.  Kelsey never dreamed she would have six grandchildren!

 Larraine Boyd - LTm



  Larraine Boyd (2017 - 2019)



 Larraine Boyd was born and raised in Castro Valley, California, a San Franciscos Bay area surburb.  After attending Brigham youn University for two years, she married and started a family in 1970.    Her musical history encompasses a little singing in school, a lot of sininging at church and a lot of listening to several genres of music.  She has also studied family Finance at Utah State university where she worked for a time.  After moving around a lot as a stay at hom Mom, Larraine was introduced to Sweet Adelines while living in Oklahoma City in the late 1980's.  While sitting at a game with the mother of her daughter's fellow cheerleader and after singing the National Anthem, Larraine was asked by the other mom if she wanted to go the the next rehearsal to sing with this "group of women."  As a mother of five she was always willing to take advantage of an evening out.  So Larraine said yes, not knowing anything about what was in store for her, went to chorus the following week, and was hooked!!  Larraine sang with the OK City Chorus for five years, and was fortunate to participate in Regional Competition, then go on to International Competitiion at San Antonio, Texas in 1991.   She became a member of the Kansas City Chorus for a short time starting in 1992, and then moved to Nebraska.  In 1995 Larraine joioned the Lincolnaires Chorus after living in Nebraska for a few years.  After twenty-five years of raising her family, Larraine went back to school and to work.  She was away from Sweet Adelines for sixteen years and joined the Kansas City Chorus again in March of 2014.  Larraine started out as a Lead Singer, and now loves singing the Bass part.  She enjoys working on the Leadership Team as the Financial Manager and also as the chorus Housing Chair for International Competition when Kansas City competes.  Larraine is letting it be known that she has never been in a quartet, but she is "IN" if at least a double quartet will do!  Larraine has been married to her husband Bill for forty-six years.  Besides their five children, they claim seventeen granchildren, and one great grandaughter.  And to top it all off, she plans to take up Piano lessons!!



Carol Clark f


  Carol Clark  (2016 - 2018)

Carol Clark was absolutely mesmerized by a Four's Company quartet  performance at a work picnic and set out to learn more about Sweet Adelines.  More of a "sing-along-to-the-radio" kind of gal, Carol had not participated in any formal singing groups since eighth grade choir.  When she attended her first Kansas City Chorus rehearsal, she found the members were immediately welcoming, and the ringing chords delivered both smiles and goose bumps..  After conquering unnecessary audition phobia, Carol became a member in 2010 and collected her first gold medal with the Chorus at the 2010 Regional Competition.  Carol is dazzled by the energy of the Kansas City Chorus.  She enjoys being part of a multigenerational, mutually supportive group of amazing and talented women, many with years of Sweet Adelines barbershop "a capella" harmony under their sequined belts.  With a talented music educator directing the chorus and frequent coaching opportunities, Carol feels like she is finally getting the music education she missed by choosing to take debate instead of joining the high school choir.  Carol loves playing with makup, "loo-loo--loo-ing" in the Bass section, and is pleased to be a contributing member of our KCC Leadership Team.  She is an attorney with the Social Security Administration, and is married to college classmate David, a fellow crossword puzzle aficionado. Carol is also the proud mother of an eleven year old daughter who loves the stage, and singing, but has yet to be bitten by the barbershop bug.




   Katie Rawlins  (2016 - 2018)


Katie Rawlins, who was born and raised in Independence, Missouri, attended Turman High School there.  Since "Kindermusic" class in Independence, Katie has always had music in her life.  She sang in a variety of choral, small group, and a capella groups throughout her school years - but never Barbershop!  As an adult, she has lived in the Kansas City area except for a year in St. Joseph when she was in Graduate School at Missouri Western University.  Katie has a BA in English, and an MS in Social Psychology from Minnesota's Walden University.  An all-around musician, katie also plays the Flute and has dabbled in Piano and the Mellophone.  She has also sung in non-barbershop quartets previously and thought it was a blast!  Her first introduciton to Barbershop Harmony was when she sought out the Kansas City Chorus, having missed music and singing as a part of her life.  Katie joined the Kansas City Chorus in July 2015, just in time to compete in Las Vegas at our lastest International Competition.







  Carol Schumacher  (2017 - 2019)











  Lee Ann Kell (2017 - 2019)







  Vi Reko  (2016 - 2018)


Vi Reko was born in Norwich, New york, and lived on a farm in Oxford, New York until the age of fifteen.  Her family moved to Amarillo, Texas where she played the clarinet in the Palo Duro High School marching band and sang in the choir, graduating in 1963.  Vi and her mother sang in duets at church for many years.  Her father had a wonderful Baritone voice, which he used every Christmas when the family sang aroung the Christmas tree before opening gifts.  After high school, Vi went to work for various computer based employers.  Currently employed with Sprint, Vi has learned a lot about how the business world works through her professional career.  In 1971 after leaving the Air Force, Vi and her family moved to Mankato, Minnesota.  there, she just happend to go bowling with a woman named Carol Grimmer who was the director of the Minnesota Vallley Chapter of Sweet Adelines.  Upon insistence from her husband, Vi visited the chorus and was hooked on Barbershop at that first rehearsal.  She remained a member from 1973 - 1978 until the family moved back to Amarillo, Texas, where Vi became a member of the Amarillo Chorus from 1978 - 1987.  From 1987 following another move to Mesa, Arizona, Vi became a member of the Scottsdale Chorus, earning a Gold Medal at the 1989 International Competition in Miami Bach, FL. In 1997, her family moved again - this time to Missouri, where she joined the Kansas City Chorus.  Over the years, Vi has been a member of three quartets and loved the experience.  She is always looking for a new quartet, as a firm believer that it is the best way to learn to sing a part better, and contribute that knowledge to the chorus.  Four part harmony was all about the Oakridge Boys and the Statler Brothers quartets growing up.  So Sweet Adelines was right where Vi wanted to be as a member for forty-three years - - and she is still loving it.



Janet Velazquez LTm2

  Janet Velazquez  (2016 - 2018)


Janet Velazquez joined the Kansas City Chorus in June of 2011 just in time to sing at the International Competition in Houston, Texas.  She quickly became hooked on all the glitz and sparkle that goes along with this fabulous hobby.  Music has always been a part of her life, first singing with her sisters (her mother was a music teacher), and then with a number of women's trios.  Barbershop is a new and challenging experience for Janet, and she loves the opportunities for learning that go along with it.  Her background as a trial attorney for twenty years, a business owner, and most recently as a college professor at KCKCC, has given Janet a unique perspective to her responsibilities as the Education Coordinator of the Kansas City Chorus Leadership Team.  She has been married for thirty-seven years to Bob, also a music educator and new to men's barbershop.  They have three delightful and talented children and three grandchildren, all in the KC area.  Traveling, reading, singing, gardening, baking  . . . never a dull moment . . . may be an apt description of her life.  To top it all off, she has become an active quartet member of the new Kansas City Dynamix Quartet, singing Bass, in what should prove to be another challenging and fun arena to develop her craft - during her spare time, of course.





   Rosemary Olas  (2017 - 2019)

Rosemary Olas was born in Warren, Ohio, where she sang in the high school a cappella choir and learned piano.  After Rosemary entered the United States Air Force, she left Ohio and has since lived in Texas, the Republic of the Philippines, Washington, D.C., North Dakota, and Illinois, before moving to Missouri in 1977.  Rosemary has a B.S.A. in K-12 Education, and an M.S.A. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Central Missouri (UCM).  She discovered Sweet Adelines in 2001 when responding to an email at work sent through the campus email system from a member of the Show Me Sound Chorus (aka Sedalia Harmony) inviting women to visit and sing. Rosemary was instantly hooked, joining the chorus in 2002, singing Tenor, and has been a member of SAI since.  Rosemary was "commandeered" into a quartet the first few weeks of SAI membership, and has loved singing in a quartet ever since.  Her first quartet won the Novice Quartet Award for Region 7 in 2004.  In 2013, Rosemary became a dual member with the Kansas City Chorus, at first singing Bass, now Tenor.  Over the years, she has served as a Membership Chair, multiple terms as Team Leader for the Show Me Sound Chorus, and also as the Finance Coordinator and Events Coordinator for Region 7.  Rosemary is pleased to now be the Performance Coordinator for the Kansas City Chorus Leadership Team.  She recently retired as Director of Broadcasting Services at the University of Central Missouri.  Rosemary and her husband Alan have four married children:  three "Boys" and a "Girl."  They are blessed with eight beautiful grandchildren, and are eagerly anticipating the arrival of their first great grandchild.  Rosemary's daughter sang Tenor with the Show Me Sound Chorus for six years, but has taken a leave of absence to become a Mommy.  She's a great Tenor and will be an asset to whatever chorus she joins when the"Kids" are a bit older.


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